Due to customer privacy we cant show our clients images here. We work with our clients to create their own patterns. Once the pattern is then converted into a design file we can then upload your designs. We have 8 digital dye sublimation printers and work on strict timelines.


Clothing development starts here. This is where we require customers
to inform us of the needed production information to start with the most important and vital step, sampling. With a great management team we are able to look after you. We require either a clear technical sheet with pattern measurements and details or a sample to copy with exact changes. Then our team will take you to the markets for material sourcing.

Sampling is a must do process. If there's no time to sample properly
then there's no time to manufacture. This is a must not miss process
that we must do in order to iron out any issues for production.

Once a sample is done and approved in the correct material, then we are ready for production. If doing digital print, our graphics team will convert your files to illustrator format for them to convert into digital files. We must use vector format or large tiff format images for printing.

Digital Printing

Once your samples are made and approved we are then able to custom manufacture for your clothing label. Using digital sewing machines give you the best and most accurate stitch and the fastest performance without compromising on quality.

Before and after IRON we have very strict quality procedures. Our team will check each individual item to be sure that the best quality is made for you. From cutting to choosing thread and material, to sewing and to pack, Oz Designs is a factory that looks after you.

At Oz Designs and Manufacturing China, we print in house and have a very good knowledge of different printing applications. We have 8 dye sublimation printers for sports wear and team wear customers. For customers looking for quality prints to cotton, or customers in need of our eCommerce 4PL solutions we have 4 direct to garment cotton printers.


This is a printer that can print computer images on cotton garments. It’s best used for computer images or small volume on demand.